LifeLong Memories


The idea of using personalized funeral stationery products is simple and easy. You start with completely blank stock paper products. The most innovative industry-specific software then allows you to create personalized funeral service stationery products for the families you serve.

FREE use of the powerful Lifelong Memories Publisher Software enables you to print 100’s of different themes in-house. You can easily create your own stunning funeral stationary.

lifelong memories

register / memory books


This Register Book offers the unique ability to only keep one book in your inventory, yet from this one book create 100’s of different book themes. Reduce your expenses while you give the families you serve more choices. .

lifelong memories

service folders


Create various sizes of service folders, quickly and easily, This cost effective solution uses special Lifelong Memories blank paper stock and FREE use of the powerful Lifelong Memories Publisher Software printing software.

lifelong memories

program folders


These program folders provide you the ability to create a unique type of service folder. Life pictures on the inside of the folder makes this a truly personal choice.

lifelong memories



Create Acknowledgement Cards to include a special thank you directly from the family or a more generic, poetic thank you from a library of options.

lifelong memories

prayer cards


Create personalized Prayer Cards to include a picture of the deceased and a prayer or poem of your choice.

lifelong memories



Create your own in-house, custom, personalized laminated Bookmarks at a fraction of the cost.

lifelong memories



Offer families a wide variety of personalized Register Books and Stationery without maintaining a large inventory. The Register Books and Stationery Box Set includes FREE use of the powerful Lifelong Memories Publisher Software. This enables you to choose and print 100’s of different themes of Register Books and Stationery items, quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Totally Pre-printed Box Set solutions are available for those funeral homes that wish to provide more traditional solutions.

Preprinted Stationery products customized to your funeral home are also available.

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