LifeLong Memories

premier tribute

The Premier Tribute Candle is the original personalized tribute candle in the funeral profession.

When you purchase Premier Tribute Candles, they arrive at your funeral home with the background themes you selected already applied around the candle. Using your computer, scanner, printer and the Lifelong Memories Publisher Software, simply create and print the picture and name labels. Then apply these two labels to the candle.

This candle is 3 1/2″ in diameter and 7 1/2″ tall and will burn for approximately 150 hours.

How to Create a

personalized premier candle

Use the powerfulLifelong Memories Publisher Software to easily create your candle picture and name and date labels.
Use your color printer to print your candle print onto the provided candle label sheet.
Grab a Premier Candle.
Peel off the labels from the sheet.
Stick the Picture Label to the Premier Candle onto the oval frame.
Stick the Name Label to the Premier Candle onto the Name Plate Frame.

You’re Done! It’s That Easy!