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Register book

lifelong memories

This Large Register Book product gives you ability to fulfill the requests of families looking for a larger register book.

This book uses 8 1/2″ x 11″ letter size pages and has a leather texture.

Each page contains different artwork and photos throughout the entire book.

How To Create your Own REGISTER BOOK

Step 1 – Purchase


Purchase your register books from Lifelong Memories.

  • These books are available in two colors. White and Black.
  • Each book includes 30 blank pages, a floral card envelope, cover sheets and a two piece gift box.
  • The binder is completely blank including the cover.
  • A gold foil is on the cover to accent the person’s photo.

Step 2 – Personalize


Use the powerful Lifelong Memories Publisher Software to create and print your register book design.

  • The cover of the book can be personalized or left unpersonalized.
  • There are hundreds of background theme images in the software for the cover of your book.
  • You can use your own background image or an image supplied by the family.

Step 3 – Print


When you have finished creating your register book in the software Program, print it out.

Step 4 – Slip


Then slip the print into the register book cover.

The cover of the register book is now complete and you are ready to create and print the inside pages of your register book.

The register book pages are totally blank. This will allow you to create and print any type of page that is suitable for the needs of the families you serve.

Easily create traditional pages or enhance the book by creating a memory register
book with non-traditional pages. You can easily incorporate photos onto any page.

Create memory pages to make the register book even more valuable and meaningful to the families you serve. These memory pages are flexible enough for any subject. Family, hobbies, or military service details. Whatever makes the book more personal, and valuable for the family.